News Update: 12th January 2020

Paul Burton had an incredible winter haul of fish from McGregor Lake when he fished overnight to catch over 150lbs of carp and bream. His catch included 6 mirror carp ranging from 7lb 11oz to 20lb 14oz, 5 common carp from 7lb 7oz to 16lb 1oz and 3 bream all weighing around 4lbs each.

Meanwhile, on Swan Lake Lee Allen had a repeat capture when he caught a mirror carp around 30lbs he had caught the week before. It must love his bait!

The Christmas Fayre match held on the River Ivel saw most of the top weights coming from BHAA’s Riddy stretch of the river at Sandy. It was IPA Chairman Pete Jordan who won the match from just below the Mill Pool with a mixed bag of fish weighing 14lb 5oz just pipping the second weight by a mere 3ozs. His catch included a specimen 5lb 12oz chub, three 1lb perch and numerous smaller fish.

Members are asked to note that Gingerbread Lake will be closed to fishing on the 27th and 28th of January to enable tree surgeons to operate freely in removing any unsafe or diseased trees.