News Update: 16th February 2020

Fishing a BHAA controlled stretch of the River Ouse, Alan Lawrence set about catching chub using a simple two swan shot running ledger. During the day he amassed a total of seven chub with the largest, a pristine specimen, weighing 6lb 3oz.

Fraser Hayden put in an overnight session on McGregor Lake despite a hard frost using particles as bait along with a small handful of freebies. He was rewarded for his efforts by catching two carp, a small 5lb fish and another weighing 17lb 1oz.

Members will be unable to fish the riverside bank at McGregor Lake on the 23rd and 24th of February as a working party will be engaged on removing fallen trees and branches that have created snags in the water along both sides of the long island. The rest of the lake will remain open.