News Update: 16th March 2020

Fraser Hayden finished the river season fishing the little-fished stretch called ‘The Jungle’ at Tempsford, once one of the area’s prime match fisheries. He adopted a roving approach using ledgered boilie paste on a size 6 hook. In a short two-hour session he caught four chub weighing from 2lb 5oz and 4lb 13oz and had numerous other knocks on his rod tip. Also, he had the most unusual ‘catch’ of a red ensign flag complete with pole! Karl Franklin was another angler who opted to fish the rivers and visited a stretch of the River Ivel near Sandy. Despite breezy conditions he was able to catch two nice chub, the best weighing 4lb 15oz and, more surprisingly, a 1lb 5oz trout, his third trout in as many visits to the stretch.

After struggling for bites at both Gingerbread and Swan Lakes, Steve Curtin opted for a day session on McGregor Lake. He fished throughout the day with little sign of action but in the late afternoon he finally had a run and went on to bank a superbly conditioned 20lb 10oz mirror carp and added a 13lb mirror shortly afterwards. Strong winds greeted Fraser Hayden when he turned up at the lake but undeterred, he found an area of gravel out in the lake and baited it with five small spoms of crumbled boilies. It was after dark before he had his first run which turned out to be from an immaculate 14lb 8oz fully scaled mirror carp.