News Update: 24th May 2020

It soon became apparent that there was only a modest footfall when BHAA’s still waters reopened so the Association’s Board decided to lift the temporary constraints on fishing times. Members are still reminded to follow a few simple rules to prevent any risk of covid 19 infection including considering gloves when opening gates, washing hands with sanitizer or soap but not in the lake water, not entering swims already occupied by fellow anglers and not walking around the lakes.

The resumption of fishing has resulted in some fantastic catches for members. At Gingerbread Lake, at least, six carp over 30lbs were caught in just one day. bailiff Mark Farrell was rightly pleased to catch one of the sought-after fish, a mirror carp known as the Clone weighing an impressive 41lbs 1oz. A day or so later it was Ryan Brown who took the plaudits when he tempted carp into feeding on surface baits. Within ten minutes of starting, he caught a monster common carp weighing 41lbs and soon after went on to catch a 30lb 2oz mirror carp and was seen banking another fish later in his session. Steve Curtin caught a 20lb 4oz mirror carp and David Young landed a 17lb 4oz mirror too and was unlucky o lose another two fish. Fraser Hayden decided to fish for the lake’s tench and opted for a swim facing directly into the strong wind. He baited his swim with a mixture of pellets, crushed boilies and hemp. He went on to land two cracking tench weighing 6lb 5oz and 7lb 11oz. Many other fish were caught but details are not to hand.

It was a similar picture at Swan Lake on the Sandy complex with one member catching three carp on the opening day. Another member landed a 22lb mirror carp the following day and Anthony Pogmore was pleased to get off the mark with a nice tench around 6lbs. Bailiff Stephen Chessum caught a 4lb 4oz tench but had to fight off the attention’s of a very large pike that tried to grab his fish but only managed to rip holes in his landing net. Later, he spotted some large carp feeding near the bank and watched as three fish moved towards his bait. It was picked up by the smallest of the trio, a 23lb 8oz mirror carp. Another bailiff David Grant was soon into the fish catching a 31lb 6oz common carp during the day and Peter Scoats banked another thirty, a 30lb mirror carp. Several other carp were landed but again details are not to hand.

Multiple catches were also reported as being made from McGregor Lake with one member landing a 22lb mirror carp along with another carp.