News Update: 16th May 2020

BHAA’s still waters will be re-opening from Monday, 18th May but under strict health precautions and TEMPORARY restrictions on fishing times. Restrictions on times will be kept under review by the Board and eased as soon as possible. The temporary times will allow members to fish from 5am until 9pm each day but successive visits to any club water must be 72 hours apart. Night fishing will be temporarily stopped. These times are designed to avoid the fisheries being overwhelmed by anglers in the early weeks after re-opening and bailiffs will maintain patrols outside these hours.

When members visit the fisheries, they must wear gloves and use hand sanitizer or soap when opening gate locks to avoid any risk of infection. Also, they should bring with them a sealable container ideally with water inside to wash their hands and gloves after passing through gates and thoroughly dried with a towel. Hands must not be washed in the lakes and similarly containers must not be emptied into to the lakes.

They must only fish from designated swims and maintain social distancing, at all times, from other anglers. Any family groups must fish from one designated swim. Therefore, anglers must be capable of landing fish unaided and not involve seeking assistance from fellow anglers. Bailiffs will be allowed to enter swims to check membership and compliance with club rules but they will maintain social distancing too.

No litter must be left especially tea bags and cigarette butts as these may transmit any infections.

Club membership books for the coming season are now available and may be purchased from many of the usual outlets but you may wish to check with the outlet beforehand as some remain closed or have restricted opening hours. A new outlet is available in Gamlingay at Woodview Farm Shop in Potton Road.

The Association was sad to hear of the loss of Peter Currell Snr. who was a stalwart of both BHAA and the former Hitchin & District AA holding various senior board positions including match secretary, secretary, chairman and trustee. Much of the club’s continued success is due to the contribution made by Peter over the years getting the club to run its affairs in a more professional manner. He will be greatly missed by all he knew him and our best wishes go to his remaining family.