News Update: 15th June 2020

In common with most angling clubs in the locality, BHAA has experienced an unprecedented demand for membership books for the new season starting on 16th of June so much so that books have all but run out. Anyone wishing to join or re-join the angling club should contact sales outlets to check if they still have any books left. The club’s management board has reluctantly decided not to print any further books as still water fisheries are operating at capacity and cannot reasonably accommodate greater numbers of anglers.

Alan Wilkie opted to fish for tench at Gingerbread Lake where in previous years he had caught specimens to over 10lbs. He settled for a swim fishing into a cool northerly breeze and spotted a few bubbles betraying the presence of feeding fish. It turned out that the fish were not tench but sizable bream as he went on to catch two specimens in the 6-7lb range.

Mick Day made his first fishing trip to Swan Lake since the outbreak of the pandemic and managed to secure one of his favourite swims. A single fish made the visit worthwhile for him when he caught a 21lb 4oz common carp. Another member ‘Lee’ also tempted a good-sized carp when he caught a 23lb mirror carp. The lake water has gone clear which tends to make the fish less inclined to feed during the daylight hours.

Day fishing on McGregor Lake has been tough the past week with a chill northerly wind blowing the length of the lake but Robert Livock still managed to wheedle out a 14lb 8oz mirror carp during his only visit of the week. Some other anglers were managing to catch the lake’s bream which were more inclined to feed.