News Update: 21st June 2020

Wayne Beauchamp, a new club member, got off to a cracking start when he fished at McGregor Lake for the first time. He caught a perfectly conditioned 17lb 8oz mirror carp with bailiff Stephen Chessum on hand to witness his catch. Day fishing has been a bit on the slow side for much of the week but lake regular Robert Livock connected with a single run to land a 14lb mirror carp and Anthony Pogmore caught a 16lb 12oz mirror carp. Steve Curtin found fish moving about on the surface and he was able to catch a 16lb 12oz mirror carp too but then experienced some frantic action as he had two takes at the same time and ended up with two more double figured mirror carp in his landing net at the same time!

Later in the week, Steve Curtin returned to the fishery but opted to fish at Swan Lake during a day of continuous rainfall, but he came up trumps when a take produced a whopping 32lb 8oz common carp for him.

Unfortunately, club membership has had to be closed for the remainder of the season owing to an unprecedented demand in common with several other local clubs. All sales outlets have sold out of club books.