News Update: 13th July 2020

The awful weather conditions for much of the week severely reduced catches at the Sandy Lakes fishery, the reverse of what had happened the previous week.

Carp were seen crashing out in Swan Lake on the windward side of the lake but anglers fishing from those swims really struggled to catch. Graham Miles chose a swim nearer the middle of the lake for a three-night session from where he caught, at least, four carp on a rod cast along the margins. Anthony Pogmore opted to fish on the opposite side of the lake too during a day session and a single run produced a 13lb mirror carp for him. A small scattering of freebies tempted the fish into picking up his hook bait. Bailiff David Grant caught a second big eel in as many weeks when he banked a 3lb 9oz specimen which he had deliberately targeted.

Alan Wilkie opted for a short evening session on McGregor Lake after most day anglers had blanked. He chose to fish a small bay and went on to catch five carp, four commons and a mirror. The mirror carp turned out to be the heaviest fish he caught weighing 13lbs.