News Update: 26th July 2020

Fishing at McGregor Lake in recent weeks has produced some great catches but others have struggled to find any feeding fish. Trevor Richardson is one angler who has enjoyed consistent sport averaging around 5-6 carp each session. Moreover, his catches have included five mirror carp over 20lbs with the heaviest weighing 27lbs. Alan Wilkie decided to fish during the latter part of the day when his first five casts brought him a bream each time. His first fish was hooked before he had time to even cast out his second line. His next fish turned out to be a 3-4lb rudd/bream hybrid with bright red finds and later a 19lb mirror carp followed. Bailiff Mick Broom was fishing close by and he caught a 16lb mirror carp during his stay. Another member was reported to have caught around 5-6 carp whilst his companion fishing in an adjacent swim hooked four fish but only landed one, a 17lb specimen.

At Swan Lake, Chris Jeffries added a 27lb mirror carp to his previously reported catch of four large bream and his father Mark got into the action too by catching a 28lb 5oz mirror carp fishing tight to his near bank. Alan Smart fished from early morning until well into the afternoon before he saw any action, but the wait was more than worthwhile when a run resulted in him catching a whopping 31lb 14oz common carp. Wayne Beauchamp turned up at the lake around midday and spotted signs of carp movement by some rushes. He cast a pop-up boilie across to the spot and within five minutes it was taken by a 25lb 8oz mirror carp. It was his first carp from the lake and equalled his pb. Steve Curtin returned to the lake after an absence of several weeks and continued where he had left off by catching another 25lb 8oz mirror carp.

Members are reminded to keep using sanitiser or soap when entering or exiting the fishery as cases of Covid 19 are still being reported in the area. Do not put your or others’ lives at risk.