News Update: 19th July 2020

Chris Jeffries fished overnight at Swan Lake during a night of heavy rain and was forced to leave the shelter of his bivvy on four occasions to strike into runs. His intended targets were the lake’s carp but the four runs were all from big bream each weighing10lbs or more. Carp on the other hand remained elusive with no reports of fish caught received.

The Chessum brothers, bailiff Stephen and Tim, have been enjoying some good sport from carp at McGregor Lake So Stephen decided to bring his son Bailey along with him to see if he could catch one too. Bailey did not disappoint by catching his first ever carp, a 10lb 5oz common. Tim landed two more carp, both mirrors weighing 16lb 2oz and 16lb 8oz whilst Stephen caught a 17lb mirror. Tactics used by them were single hook baits with minimal use of freebies. Les Jakes caught a 13lb mirror carp but commented that he had found fish more difficult to tempt in recent weeks. David Wheatley was pleased to catch his first two carp from the lake when he caught mirrors weighing 14lb 7oz and 11lb 11oz. His fish were caught using Robin Red boilies as bait. A member reported catching six carp in a day fishing his baits tight to the long island.