News Update: 16th August 2020

The extremely hot weather has kept many anglers away from the waters but for those prepared to suffer the conditions there were still rewards to be reaped.

Bailiff David Grant returned to Swan Lake for his latest three-night stint baiting an area he knew to have some clean gravel where the lake’s carp often visit. However, much of the action from carp occurs at dusk, dawn or during the night-time hours so he decided to target another species during the day, namely eels. He used float-fished lobworms as bait with 10lb b.s. line to give him a chance of landing any carp that took a fancy to his bait. His approach proved to be successful as he went on to catch three good-sized eels up to 4lbs. He is confident he can better this size on a future session so will continue to fish for them. The carp fishing was productive for him too as he caught three big carp, commons weighing 27lbs and 22lb 2oz and a mirror of 24lb 12oz. Ben Rosendale had a run within 15 minutes of casting out his Kreme Krunch boilie which led to him catching the biggest mirror carp in the lake, a linear weighing 35lbs. Another member caught a two-tone common carp weighing 34lbs.

Fraser Hayden has been trying to catch some of the lake’s large bream that are known to go well into double figures but, to date, his aim has not been realised. On his latest trip, he fished through a hot and sultry night fishless having to wait until the following morning before he got any action. Runs in quick succession produced three bream for him weighing 6lb 4oz, 5lbs and 6lb 12oz but the larger specimens still remained elusive.

Tom Chessum visited Gingerbread Lake where he got off to a brilliant start by catching two big mirror carp, a 19lb specimen followed by a 32lb 10oz whacker. The latter fish beast his personal best by well over 12lbs.

Glenn Last continues to catch carp at McGregor Lake by adding a 10lb mirror and a 17lb common to his growing tally of fish caught.   

Members may see a drone flying around the fisheries in the coming weeks which will be doing some photography work on the club’s behalf. Apologies to anyone who may find it a distraction.