News Update: 2nd August 2020

Fraser Hayden fished overnight into a strong wind at McGregor Lake with a spectacular result. He caught eight carp during his session weighing 12lb 7oz, 12lb 12oz, 14lb 2oz, 15lb 2oz, 15lb 5oz, 16lb 5oz, 16lb 12oz and a 7lbs. Unfortunately for him, his stay ended prematurely when he had to respond to a request for assistance from a relative.

Bailiff David Grant decided to give his favourite swim on Swan Lake a try as he judged conditions were just right to get fish feeding in the area. He fished a three-night session after firing out a carpet of bait over a clear area of the lake’s bottom and sat back to await any action. In the early morning of the following day he landed his first carp, a big common carp weighing 30lb 1oz followed soon afterwards by another weighing 20lb 11oz. No further action took place until the early hours of the following morning when he connected with another large carp, this time a 28lb 12oz mirror carp. Two more mirror carp were to follow before his stay ended, these weighing 22lbs and 22lb 8oz to give him one of his best sessions at the lake.