News Update: 13th September 2020

High pressure dominated the weather patterns for much of the week which resulted in few fish being prepared to feed on the bottom. One member was able to buck this terend on Swan Lake though when he caught a mirror carp around 20lbs.

Although sport had slowed on McGregor Lake too there was still the odd carp or two to be caught. Mick Day fished close to the margins where he caught a 10lb 8oz mirror carp followed by a hard fighting 17lb 2oz mirror. Glider enthusiast Fraser Hayden loves fishing into the wind so selected a swim on the windward side of the lake to do an overnight session. He fished close to the margins over a small bed of particles and went on to catch an 11lb 14oz common carp and two mirrors weighing 12lb 9oz and 17lb 8oz. It was late into the morning of the following day when he caught his last fish, a cracking mirror carp weighing 20lb 8oz. Stephen Chessum moved swim from Swan Lake to McGregor Lake and was quickly into a fish which turned out to be a 15lb 8oz mirror carp.

Fraser Hayden’s next fishing trip was to the River Ouse at Tempsford when his quarry were perch. He kept trickling in maggots to attract small fish which in turn brought in perch. Using lobworms as bait, he went on to catch 4 nice perch all around the 1lb mark.