News Update: 4th October 2020

Michael Tabone’s personal best common carp weighing 41lb 4oz was not the only fish he caught during his session as he went on to land two mirror carp weighing 22lb 14oz and 27lb 12oz from Gingerbread Lake.

Daytime carp fishing on Swan Lake was proving to be very hard with no reported catches but the odd carp was being caught at night with Graham Miles catching a 28lblb fully-scaled mirror and then adding a second fish during his latest three day stint. Both fish were taken over areas baited with hemp and pellet.

A member fishing at McGregor Lake had been catching plenty of carp using maggots as bait but he struggled to land any fish over 16lbs or so. He decided on a change of tactic and, instead, used large boilies fished over small beds of boilies. The change worked producing for him a 22lb mirror carp on one visit and a 16lb fish on another. Stephen Chessum fished an overnight session on the lake despite the forecast of heavy rain. Before dark he was able to catch a 16lb 8oz mirror carp but lost two more fish at the net during heavy rain in the night. He used an essential cell pop-up fished on a ‘Ronnie’rig.

Members are reminded that they must always carry with them their membership books whenever fishing on club waters as, otherwise, they risk being asked to leave. We are still in the middle of a corona virus pandemic, so it is essential that members adhere to safety precautions to protect themselves and others from this deadly virus. Hand sanitiser must be used when opening gate locks and gates and social distancing must be observed by not entering swims occupied by other anglers. Only bailiffs can approach such members.

Rumours of anglers engaged in fish theft to sell on to other fisheries have come to light. Members are asked to report any suspicious activity to bailiffs or other club officials immediately.