Night Permits

Night Permit waiting lists for Swan Lake and Gingerbread Lake are now closed, as both have reached 75 applicants.

There is still space on the McGregor Lake list for those who are interested.

There will be work parties coming up as follows:- Gingerbread November 7th and 8th, Sandy complex December 5th and 6th. As an incentive to increase attendance, those who participate will be able to fish on the Saturday night, as long as they attend on both the Saturday and Sunday.

The Association has secured the fishing rights to the left hand bank of the river Ivel upstream of New Road Bridge at Sandy (the IPA having given it up), all the way up to Stratford Brook. This means that we now control the rights from the bridge all the way up to the start of Biggleswade common. Additionally, this section does not have a public right of access, so any angler encountered will have to be in possession of an Association book. Signage etc will be installed soon.