News Update: 18th October 2020

It was hoped that the recent heavy rains would lead to an improvement in catches with increased oxygen levels but the reverse was the case with many of the lakes’ regulars failing to get any action. However, Craig Daniels was one angler to buck the trend when he netted three super looking carp whilst fishing at McGregor Lake. During the day, he caught mirror carp all weighing in the mid to high double range with his best a heavily scaled 19lb 8oz specimen.

Fraser Hayden decided that the wet weather should have got fish feeding in the rivers and so he targeted a BHAA stretch of the River Ouse at Tempsford where he found a nice flow present. He float-fished over depth using either tares or pearl barley as bait and fed his swim with hempseed. It was not long before roach began to take his bait and his regular feeding was producing fish almost every trot down through his swim. The roach weighed up to around 8oz and he ended up amassing a total weight around 8-9lbs.