News Update: 23rd November 2020

Whilst October appeared to deliver sparse angling across many local waters, mid November has seen BHAA Venues spring back into life !!

Unfortunately our trusty publicity officer Anthony has had broadband issues this week, and so no photos are available – however….

Trevor Richardson had another multiple catch of carp from McGregor Lake during an overnight session, including three fish over 20lbs and four other doubles. Carp continue to feed in McGregor Lake, and day anglers are reporting consistent sport…

At Gingerbread, in addition to the 43lb common carp recently reported, a further three 40lb plus fish have been banked this week – the largest being 44lbs. There have been few reports from Swan Lake, reflecting that it is certainly not an “easy” water despite its intimate size.

Pike are being caught as the season cools, and a couple of double figure fish have been reported. Members are reminded that whilst pike may be seen as “freshwater sharks” and “the ultimate predator”; once out of the water they are probably the most vulnerable fish we catch. Anyone targeting them should have long nosed forceps, long nosed cutters just in case; and must certainly have the skill and confidence to provide good access to the hooks. There are plenty of examples on Youtube explaining how to this is achieved…..

If you don’t feel confident to unhook pike, don’t fish for them !!

Don’t forget the rivers – lovely shot of our Ivel stretch at Langford at sun down. Just a few tiddlers for me on that afternoon, but was pleased to see a barn owl hunting over the meadow as I walked home.

Tight lines ………..