Gingerbread Lake Update

A brief update on the situation at Gingerbread Lake following the recent flooding and gale force winds.

The otter fencing underneath the A428 flyover suffered considerable damage mainly caused by the weight of weed washed up against it. Today, a small group of club officials have managed to make temporary repairs to the fencing sufficient, at least, to keep predatory otters at bay. Later this week, it is planned that more permanent repair work will be carried out so members are asked to KEEP AWAY from this area as materials will be deposited there representing a health and safety risk.

The flooding has dislodged many sawn up tree trunks which have floated on to the track blocking it completely for a long section on the east side of the factory bay. More work will be carried out to remove these logs at the weekend, but members are welcome to come along and help. Also, they may help themselves to any logs they wish to remove for their log burners at home.