Eaton Socon & Sandy Lakes Re-open

The Board has decided to re-open both the Eaton Socon and Sandy Lakes fisheries forthwith but there will be certain restrictions –

Fencing at Gingerbread Lake has suffered some damage as a result of the recent flooding and a working party will be carrying out the necessary repair work over the coming weekend (30-31 January). During this time, it will not be possible to fish the road bank area alongside the A428 bridge as this is where repairs are to be carried out. Also, members must keep to the track and adjacent car parking areas as the ground is now very soft with a risk that vehicles will become stuck causing further damage.

At Sandy Lakes, vehicles are temporarily restricted to the track and car parks alongside the railway as other tracks around Swan Lake are flooded with a risk of vehicles becoming stuck. Similarly, no attempt should be made to drive to the river side of McGregor Lake for the same reason. The land needs to dry out and this is likely to take several weeks until it is safe to re-open these tracks. Also, a number of swims at Swan Lake are still under water so cannot be fished.