News Update: 10th January 2021

Club Treasurer Fraser Hayden started the year off with a bang when he fished a club controlled stretch of the river Ivel. Adopting a mobile approach moving from swim to swim and introducing only a few free offerings, he had to wait until dusk before getting his first bite on free-lined luncheon meat. However, the wait was worthwhile as the fish turned out to be an immaculate 5lb 7oz chub.

A change of venue and tactics saw him on the river Ouse at Tempsford where he fished bread flake below a stick float feeding his swim with mashed up bread. He went on to net three more chub, two around 2lbs each and a 3lb 12oz specimen.

It is sad that we still have the odd litter lout visiting our waters. A member found a discarded tobacco pouch, chocolate bar wrapper and other litter in a swim on Swan Lake. Please leave your swims clean and take all rubbish away with you as, after all, you brought it.