News Update: 21st February 2021

Board members and some willing helpers have worked hard to repair fencing and remove debris left by two recent flooding episodes at BHAA’s Gingerbread Lake enabling fishing to resume. Junior member Noah Bryan was one of those to benefit when he visited the lake with his dad to try and catch a pike. He baited with a joey mackerel which was taken by a nice 10lb pike, Noah’s first ever pike. Noah was thrilled by the experience.

Furloughed Fraser Hayden has used the time to fish several stretches of the Ivel. On a recent trip he managed to catch five good chub weighing up to 4lb 3oz by targeting pockets of slack water as the river was still carrying plenty of flood water. All his fish fell to link-ledgered flavoured meat. Unfortunately, he had to cut short his visit when water in his rod rings started to freeze.