News Update: 28th February 2021

Stephen Chessum took his young son, ii years old Bailey, with him for a day’s carp fishing at McGregor Lake accompanied by his friend Les Jakes. It was not long before Stephen had a run resulting in him catching a 10lb fully scaled mirror. Les had decided to use maggots principally to see if they might generate some bites to keep Bailey interested. However, a 15lb mirror took a liking to the maggots to chalk up their second fish of the day. Finally, it was Bailey’s turn when his bite alarm sounded, and he found himself connected to a powerful fish. It took nearly 15 minutes to bring the fish to the net but it turned out to be a cracking 23lb common carp, the largest reported common from the lake. Bailey was using a pop-up boilie fished on a ‘Ronnie’ rig.

Carp angler David Grant decided to try for a different species at Swan Lake instead targeting the lake’s pike with the aim of catching a 10 pounder. Fishing on a variety of ledgered dead baits, he caught four pike including specimens weighing 10lb 4oz and 14lb 8oz. His best pike fell to a small roach dead bait. Peter Scoats was another carper to opt for pike and he too was successful catching a 12lb 8oz specimen.

Fraser Hayden fished the River Ivel at Sandy where he bagged another three chub, the best a 4lb 8oz specimen using flavoured luncheon meat. Alan Wilkie visited another club stretch of the Ivel at Langford when he opted to fish on bread flake in conjunction with a small feeder filled with mashed bread. In successive casts he caught two chub, one weighing 3lb 14oz and the other 5lb 7oz.

Fraser Hayden later in the week visited club stretches of the River Ouse at Tempsford and the upper Ouse. Although he was able to catch five chub at Tempsford, the weights were a little disappointing with only two fish exceeding 3lbs. His trip to the upper Ouse proved to be more successful when he caught a 5lb 2oz chub on lobworms fished close to some rushes.