Sandy Lakes to Re-Open

Following the recent closures of Swan and McGregor Lakes due to flooding, the board are pleased to announce that both lakes will re-open from 7am on Monday 22nd February, although with some restrictions. 

All swims are now fishable, but due to the boggy ground, the track to the swims on the river bank has been closed off to vehicles from the point where in crosses over the brook by Swan Lake. So anyone wanting to fish that side of the lake will have to walk from the footbridge. Please do not block the entrance to the carpark on Swan Lake accessed across the bridge as this will be open. 

For Swan Lake access to the swims at the top end of the lake by the river has been restricted, with vehicles requested not to be taken beyond the post place in the middle of the track by the containers. 

The ground around the lakes is still very wet and boggy so please take care when walking to and from swims