The Board normally inform Membership subscription rates at the AGM; obviously not practical at the moment.

Last year we were oversubscribed, and anticipate an increase in demand this year. Waiting lists for our night permits are closed due to over subscription. Our fisheries were occasionally unavailable due to travel restrictions and flooding etc, but unfortunately no refunds are due. Quite the opposite……….

Gingerbread Lake Theflood strickenotter fence was reinstated within 10 days of collapsing by a fantastic team effort. It survived the next and even bigger surge without damage. £2,000 ++ of materials and plant hire. £££

Swan Lake and McGregor Lake were completely submerged, The main entry gate under four feet of water, and the horses evacuated just in time. Swan Lake requires immediate work. The fence line is vulnerable to crack willows and alders in moist ground. They need removing. If we don’t have a secure fence line, we don’t have a secure fishery. Contractors will be hired for the job.£££

Grace Lake and Bomb Hole must be fenced if the fisheries are to be viable.(The £2,000 of Crucians we put in there have long gone). The Board have approved this work and contractors will be engaged. £££

Don’t forget the miles of river bank we control. These days they are our “forgotten jewels”, but continue to provide excellent sport for those who make the effort.

Yes the track at Sandy is in poor shape, but we don’t “own it”, and with the introduction of the ponies, are not the only ones to use it. We will keep making requests of the land owner to maintain it.

A £15 yearly increase represents an additional £0:29p a week that you pay for your fishing, or the cost of a single day ticket “down the road from Sandy”.

On the other side of the coin, we are about to spend £30,000….

Ensuring that we are arguably the best managed Angling Association in the locality.

  • 2021 / 2022 Subscription rates.
  • Family £110
  • Adult £90
  • Junior (12 to 16) £25
  • O.A.P. £65
  • Disabled £50
  • Swan night ticket £175
  • Gingerbread night ticket £225
  • McGregor night ticket £125