On/ Off Times for the Lakes

Following a number of requests from members regarding current on/ off times on the lake, the board have taken the decision to temporarily change the times that our still waters can be fished. 

With effect from Monday 8th March, fishing will be permitted by all members from dawn till dusk, which is approx. ½ hr before sunrise and ½ hour after sunset times. These are off the water and not fish to times.  

This decision has been taken in the light, that all our members have been affected throughout the last 12 months by lakes closures etc as a result of the pandemic. Please be aware that the board will be monitoring the situation and if members continually break the on/off times, a) action will be taken against those individuals and b) the rules will be changed to specific on/off times. If everyone abides by the new times, then there will be no need for change and everyone can benefit from some extra time fishing. Hopefully, a minority will not spoil it for the majority. 

With regards to night fishing, we await guidance from the government as to when this will re-start and will inform the membership accordingly when the lakes will be re-opening for night fishing. 

From the start of the new season, June 16th 2021, times for ‘day anglers’ will revert back to the times published in the club-book