News Update: 18th July 2021

Inonut Cires submitted photos of several carp he caught whilst fishing at Gingerbread Lake. The carp were both mirrors and commons weighing up to 30lbs or over. Glen Mills was another angler to catch from the lake posting a photo of a hefty mirror carp. Chad Pearson opened his account with a heavily scaled 17lb mirror carp too. Jonah Tidmarsh had a break from carp fishing and, instead, tried float-fishing using three grains of sweetcorn as bait. He went on to amass an impressive haul of pristine rudd, the best weighing 1lb 5oz.

Trevor Richardson enjoyed another session at McGregor Lake catching two cracking mirror carp weighing 27lbs and 20lb 8oz together with four mid- to upper doubles. Paul ‘Meaty’ Mair fished the lake for a couple of days and nights but found all the action from carp was at night when he went on to catch several carp up to 20lbs. His only action during daylight hours was from the odd bream. Lloyd Gadsby caught a 5lb tench whilst fishing for carp. Members reported plenty of action from silver fish on float tackle. Karl Franklin managed to wheedle out a 10lb carp on floaters before geese made it impossible for him to continue.

Clive Day landed a 7lb bream whilst fishing at Swan Lake which has proven to be a difficult water to crack of late.

Repair work on the main track at Sandy will commence on Tuesday the 20th. The lakes will remain open whilst the repair work is carried out, but members may have to wait for clearance before proceeding along the track.

On the wildlife front, terrapins have been spotted at both Gingerbread and Grace Lakes. They do little harm so please leave them in peace. Geese have been a bit raucous on both Swan and McGregor Lakes but members are asked to be tolerant towards them as they will fly off once their goslings have fully fledged.