News Update: 25th July 2021

The very hot weather triggered off a third spawning session for the carp at Gingerbread Lake but not before Chad Pearson had managed to bag his second carp from the water, a heavily scaled mirror weighing 17lbs, during a brief evening stint.

Dave Hallybone decided to try some waggler fishing at Swan Lake using maggots as bait. The tactic proved to be a winner as he was soon netting roach at one per cast.

During the week, Stephen Chessum fished some evening sessions at McGregor Lake catching carp up to 13lb 8oz but an overnight session enabled him to boost his tally further by catching another five carp including 14lb and 15lb mirrors and an 11lb common. However, he was gutted to lose a large rogue catfish that appears to have got into the lake. Despite playing the fish for over 20 minutes it eventually managed to break free. He is not the only angler fishing the lake to have received attention from this unwanted guest, but it has yet to be landed. Richard Sharp caught a cracking mirror weighing 25lbs whilst fishing with his son who got into the action too by landing three big mirrors weighing 17lb 4oz, 15lb 4oz and 20lb 6oz.

Anglers visiting the Sandy Lakes Fishery will be pleased to find the main track resurfaced and, hopefully, harder wearing. It is essential though members continue to drive slowly along the track to prevent the surface becoming damaged before it has had a chance to fully bed in. A big than you is due to the contractors who carried out the work and to the fishery owner.

Further improvements are in the pipeline with a working party planned for the end of September. Numerous tasks have been identified including extending the track at Swan Lake and on the river side of McGregor Lake to enable all-year access to the swims there. New footpaths, swim repairs and snag removal are also on the agenda depending on how well the work proceeds. Another working party will follow soon after but this will concentrate on improvements at Gingerbread Lake to be completed before the wintry weather returns.