News Update: 14th August 2021

Whilst most members plied their trade on the lakes after carp, Peter Elliot opted to fish a stretch of the River Ivel instead. In two short sessions on the river he enjoyed some fantastic sport landing five big chub to nearly 6lbs plus a quality roach on his first visit. He returned for a short afternoon session adding three more chub to 5lbs plus a 4lb 9oz barbel, a product of the EA’s restocking policy. Peter used 14mm pellets as bait which the fish seemed to love.

At Gingerbread Lake, Krysh Sood caught his first ever carp from the water, a pristine 24lb mirror carp. Shortly afterwards Jordan Laflin landed the sought-after mirror carp named ‘Moon scale’ weighing an impressive 37lbs. What is more he caught it during a daytime visit with no need to burn the midnight oil!

Dave Grant fished his fortnightly 72-hour session at Swan Lake racking up some cracking fish including carp weighing 18lbs, 24lb 8oz and 27lb 14oz commons, and 32lbs 11oz mirror, the latter being a named fish ‘The Parrot’. Also, he landed two eels, the largest around  4lb 8oz eel and a 7lb 3oz bream.

Anthony Pogmore witnessed a big carp roll on the opposite side of the lake to where he was fishing and decided to target the area where he had seen it rise on future visits. His fourth daytime visit to the lake finally produced the result he was after when a 25lb mirror carp picked up his Crafty Catcher boilie topped with a 12mm pop-up. His close friend Mick Day was fishing nearby and caught a 17lb mirror later in the day. Anthony returned the following day to catch two more mirrors weighing 19lb 9oz and 14lb 15oz both caught using the same rig. Dave ‘Click’ Clark reported catching a 17lb mirror carp during a day visit to the venue too.

Although catch reports for Grace Lake have been few and far between, members fishing the lake have witnessed large eruptions of feeder bubbles from tench or crucians and seen numerous tench rolling on the surface as light started to fade.