News Update: 1st August 2021

A change of swim by Glen Mills did the trick for him when he went on to catch a 26lb 6oz common carp at Gingerbread Lake. Fresh from his exploits with the lake’s rudd, Jonah Tidmarsh returned to his pursuit of carp and was pleased to land a 21lb mirror carp followed by a fully scaled mirror of a similar size caught on another visit.

Swan Lake continues to be a challenging water for most anglers with only three or four carp caught over the previous weekend. After drawing a blank fishing for the lake’s big bream, Dave Grant was rewarded with the capture of a 20lb 15oz common carp in the early morning of the following day.

Grace Lake is only a lightly fished venue which many anglers struggle to get to grips with. Karl Franklin decided to try for the lake’s tench and was pleasantly surprised to find himself alone on the lake. Soon he had signs of fish feeding in his swim with bubbling taking place and went on to catch two cracking tench, the best weighing 5lb 12oz.

An overcast day proved to be just the conditions to get the carp feeding in the daytime at McGregor Lake. Anthony Pogmore was soon into a fish landing a 13lb mirror carp which swallowed his Trent Bait’s fishmeal boilie. A member particle fishing in an adjacent swim had a bumper day landing a 17lb 4oz common carp and three mirrors weighing 13lb 8oz, 18lb 4oz and 19lbs together with around six good sized bream.