News Update: 8th August 2021

Apart from those members who put in overnight sessions after Swan Lake’s carp, results have been fairly spartan for day anglers. However, Alan Wilkie turned up for a short session and chose to fish on the windward side of the lake. He cast a small 12mm pop-up boilie close to his near margin and within minutes a carp crashed out over the top of it. A run followed soon afterwards that resulted in him banking a 21lb 11oz common carp.

Roach were in plentiful supply to anglers fishing at McGregor Lake during the daytime but action from carp was limited. Anthony Pogmore decided to fish at range using a boilie topped by a bright 12mm pop-up. A single run in the early morning produced a 14lb 8oz mirror carp so he returned the following day and repeated the same tactic, the result was a 2-3lb bream! Undeterred, he continued the approach later in the week when a single run at noon resulted in him catching a 15lb 8oz mirror carp. The fish was a lean mean fighting machine and took around 20 minutes to subdue. A member caught a 20lb 3oz mirror carp which was a spawned out fish and could well have weighed nearer to 25lbs in prime condition.