News Update: 17th October 2021

Evening and night fishing continue to offer the best chance of catching big carp from BHAA’s still waters although there are still fish to be caught during daytime hours.

Nobby Miller fishing at Gingerbread Lake caught a distinctive upper 20lb mirror carp thought to be one of the fast-growing fish supplied by VS Fisheries a few seasons ago that have grown well in this rich fishery.

No reports have been received from Swan Lake although one member reported hooking two big carp during the night both of which managed to escape when they found a snag close to the bank.

Several carp were caught at McGregor Lake during the week with most of them coming from open water rather than close to features such as islands and overhanging vegetation. Robert Livock maintained his recent run of catches when he landed an 18lb 4oz mirror carp during a short day session.

There have been incidents reported recently where members have left gates to the lakes at Sandy in an insecure state. Chains on locks on the gates must be secured around the gate posts in order to prevent entry by non-members putting the fishery at risk. There is a second chain on each gate which is designed to keep the gate tightly closed to prevent otters gaining entry that can devastate our fish stocks. Please ensure that the chain is fixed on to the metal peg on each gate.

Numerous trees have been cleared from the bankside at Swan Lake to encourage the growth of vegetation that overhanging trees were suppressing. However, members are reminded that they should only fish from designated swims and not to fish where trees have been felled. To this end, the Club plans to publish maps of each lake showing all the swims from where anglers may fish.