News Update: 4th October 2021

Graham Gadsby was another member who participated in the recent working party at the Sandy Lakes complex and was rewarded with a night’s fishing at the venue. He opted to fish at Swan Lake where he came up trumps by catching a beautiful common carp weighing 30lb 2oz and a big mirror weighing 25lbs.

Robert Livock fished a short-day session at McGregor Lake where he caught two nice mirror carp weighing 13lb 8oz and 14lbs. His successful bait s were Crafter Catcher boilies. Clive Day continued his recent run of carp catches from the lake when he landed a 14lb plus mirror carp. Other anglers were experiencing plenty of action from the lake’s bream in the 2-4lb range which homed in their particle baits.

Mike Tabone was awoken from his slumber at Gingerbread Lake when he had a run at 7.30am. When the fish was landed Mike had before him one of the most unusually coloured carp ever caught from the lake, a 26lb 10oz mirror carp. Later, he went on to catch another big carp, a 30lb 10z common.

A big thanks to all the members who participated in the work party at Sandy Lakes when they were able to extend the track alongside Swan Lake up to the far end of the lake. Unfortunately, there were insufficient materials to upgrade the older section of the track, but arrangements are in hand to complete the track repair. Also, the track on the river side of McGregor Lake has been extended up as far as the bridge to the long island to enable members vehicle access to most swims on this side of the lake throughout the winter months.

A member using a bait boat on McGregor Lake has caused annoyance to fellow members when he has allowed his boat to enter swims, they were fishing. Inconsiderate use of bait boats risk getting the offending boat or member banned. Boat use should be confined to areas within normal casting range within the user’s swim.