News Update: 9th October 2021

Carp fishing at Gingerbread Lake has proven to be more challenging in recent weeks with an abundance of weed beds around the lake and the fish holding up in pockets in the weed. Those anglers lucky enough to locate fish have enjoyed some great catches with one member recently catching 5 carp weighing up to 39lbs whilst, at the same time, other members were struggling.

One of the catches of the week has been made from Swan Lake where a member carp fishing during the day caught probably the lake’s largest common weighing 37lb 2oz. The fish was in super condition and was a reward for the angler putting in several fruitless visits to the lake. Troy Fletcher was a participant in the recent working party at the Sandy Lakes fishery and he too was rewarded by catching a 25lb mirror carp from the lake. Fraser Hayden has been frustrated in his efforts to catch some of the lake’s double figured bream this season and had to be content with two carp instead weighing 23lb 12oz and 22lb 7oz.

Alan Wilkie has found evenings at McGregor Lake to be productive times for him. On one visit he caught a big mirror carp he estimated to weigh just under 20lbs and during a second trip whilst fishing another swim he landed mirror carp weighing 11lbs and 14lb 11oz, a 16lb 3oz common and three bream all around 4lbs. Clive Day tried bottom baits for carp without success during a day visit but a change to floater tactics did the trick as he went on to catch three carp weighing 10lbs,13lbs and 20lbs. A single run during a short-day session produced a 12lb 8oz common for Robert Livock and Troy Fletcher caught a 15lb carp during a single night’s fishing too.

Members visiting the Lavenden stretch of the river Ouse will benefit from some sterling work undertaken by Olney AC whose members are now sharing the Lavenden and Harrold stretches with BHAA. They will find the entrance track resurfaced; paths made down to the river from the parking area as well as footbridges over ditches. Olney AC plan to start upgrading the Harrold track as soon as sufficient hardcore has been accumulated. Anglers already fishing the Lavenden stretch have reported big catches of roach up to the 1lb mark as well as other species.

The river Ivel at Sandy continues to fish well too. In the past week, Troy Fletcher has caught pike to 7lbs and a pristine 2lb 8oz perch whilst predator fishing.

The planned working party for Gingerbread Lake has been deferred and instead a second work party will be held at Sandy Lakes on the 30th and 31st of October when the lakes will be closed to fishing. Members fishing the venue on the 29th are requested to leave by 7pm. Members wishing to help the work party in completing the varied work are asked to e-mail the fisheries officer at Please state which days you will be able to participate. Those attending will be able to fish during the night after the work has been finished for the day.

Day members visiting our still waters are reminded that winter fishing times are now in operation i.e., 7am until 7pm.