News Update: 14th November 2021

Clive Day again reported catching carp off the surface of McGregor Lake when he landed one of his best carp from the lake, a 23lb mirror carp. He said that the fish were getting very wary though as he saw four or more carp swirl at his bait without taking it. Troy Fletcher had a productive session on the lake when her caught two nice mirror carp weighing 15lbs and 14lbs plus an 8lb pike. Robert Livock managed to get a single take during a short day session which resulted in him catching a 10lb mirror carp.

River anglers are asked to note that the IPA no longer controls the fishing rights on the Ivel from New Road bridge up to Stratford Brook nor the west bank opposite the club’s stretch at Willow Hay alongside the old gravel company’s site. The former is now an exclusive BHAA club water and signs have been erected to show this is the case. The west bank at Willow Hay is now part of the Manor Farm Fishery complex and day tickets are £15 per day!

The IPA will be using our stretches at Sandy for a match on Sunday, the 21st of November.

Sadly, someone has stolen items from one of the stables at the Sandy Lakes Fishery. One item was a hand knitted poppy due to be worn by one of the horses to mark Sunday’s Remembrance Service in the town. What a disgusting thing to do! Both stable areas have cameras installed and if the culprit is identified as one of our members, he can expect a lifetime ban.

Finally, where gates are equipped with a ‘push to close’ latch, please do not place the padlock through the small hole in the mechanism (see photos) as it creates access issues for other anglers trying to gain entry.