News Update: 13th March 2022

Following on from last week’s catch report, Swan Lake at Sandy has now produced a second carp weighing over 40lbs. Congratulations go to day angler John West who was fishing with his Grandson when he caught the magnificent ‘Big Linear’ weighing just over 40lbs, the first time this fish has exceeded this milestone.

Another big carp was caught by a member fishing at Gingerbread Lake at Eaton Socon. It was another mirror carp known as ‘The Mitsubishi Fish’ as it has a scale resembling the car firm’s logo. This fish too just topped the scales at 40lbs, one of its heaviest weights.

The river fishing season is rapidly coming to an end and Club Treasurer Fraser Hayden has been trying his best to end the season with a big fish. He fished a BHAA stretch of the River Ivel in Sandy during a bright but windy day using small cubes of luncheon meet as bait. After catching a small chub weighing around 1lb, he finally had a take from a much larger fish. It turned out to be a 5lb 12oz chub enabling him to achieve his goal.

After fishing at McGregor Lake for several weeks without a bite, a two-degree uplift in the water temperature enabled Robert Livock to catch a pristine 21lb 8oz common carp during a short day session on the water. The fish picked up a boilie fished close to the margins.

During the forthcoming week (14th March), a group of students from Shuttleworth College will be assisting the Association’s Chairman to remove some of the dilapidated and now unsafe artificial piers from around McGregor Lake. Members fishing the lake are asked to avoid fishing near these swims as there may be some unavoidable disturbance whilst this work is ongoing. However, the popular ‘disabled’ swim on the railway bank will remain.