News Update: 17th April 2022

The warmer weather has produced signs of increasing feeding activity by fish.

An early season tench was caught at Swan Lake by a female club member, Rox Xie Mce, along with a small pike. Later in the week, Innovate Baits’ user David Flint continued his fantastic run of catches by banking one of the lake’s most sought-after fish, the two-tone common carp weighing an impressive 38lbs. David again tempted the fish into feeding by placing his bait close to the margins. Another member reportedly caught a 23lb mirror carp during a daytime session on the lake.

Robert Livock was pleased to get among the carp again at McGregor Lake when he had a run just as he was thinking about recasting his baits. The fish was a hard fighting 16lb mirror carp. Clive Day wondered if the warm weather might just get the odd carp feeding on the surface and this proved to be the case when he tempted an 11lb mirror.

Carp are active at Gingerbread Lake with several big carp landed during the week. Ionut Cires fished a short three-hour session after work and this was long enough for him to catch a cracking looking common carp.

There has been a marked use of bait boats on our lakes with a few users sending boats out well beyond the normal distances fished to the annoyance of fellow anglers. All our lakes are not overly wide, so it is important that all anglers follow a few basic guidelines. Do not fish more than halfway across a lake which might interfere with an angler occupying a swim on the opposite bank and do not cast more than halfway towards an angler fishing from a neighbouring swim. Note, it is not a valid excuse to say that there was no one in an adjacent swim when you began fishing as members may arrive through the day. There has been an instant reported recently where an angler’s line has been snagged by someone fishing from the opposite bank. Courtesy and common sense should be the watch words.

Being beside the lakesides enables anglers to observe wildlife and this week has seen the return of summer visitors with both sand and house martins seen flying around the Sandy Lakes fishery. The odd cuckoo and warblers are around too. Also, grey lag geese have already hatched goslings at Swan Lake. Members are asked to take extra care in not disturbing ground nesting birds around the lakes.