News Update: 24th April 2022

Another sign of higher water temperatures was the capture of an eel by a member fishing at Swan Lake at the weekend. Fraser Hayden fished the venue overnight in pursuit of one of the lake’s big bream using relatively light tackle and hooks baited with 12mm boilies. He managed to catch two bream weighing 7lb 11oz and 8lb 5oz but the double-figure specimens continued to elude him. However, in addition to the bream he went on to catch two ‘nuisance’ carp, mirrors weighing 27lb 6oz and 25lb 8oz, both of which tested his light tackle to the limit. Stephen Chessum fished overnight to catch another big carp, a 25lb mirror.

Ionut Cires was back in action at Gingerbread Lake where he caught two more of the lake’s big carp, two mirrors each weighing well over 20lbs.