News Update: 29th May 2022

Fishing at Swan Lake is now as productive during daylight hours as it is at night. Steve Curtin visited the lake for a short day session and chose a swim well away from those being popularly fished. Although he found the bottom to be a bit messy, it did not prevent him catching two carp during his stay, a cracking 29lb 12oz fully scaled mirror and a 17lb 12oz common carp. The tactics he employs is only to introduce a small handful of freebies sufficient to get fish interested.

Meanwhile, at McGregor Lake Lloyd Gadsby continued his run of carp catches with a nicely conditioned 18lb mirror carp. Other anglers were catching bream and the odd smallish carp that were feeding on particle baits introduced close to the bank.


In my role of Night Permit Secretary, I am rewarded with a club book and the right to fish all three lakes day or night. However, as I do not fish, I am putting my club membership up for auction to raise money for TACKLING MINDS. They are a small charity, who are providers of angling events within the UK and offer support to people from all walks of life that are struggling from a range of issues such as Mental Health, Social Deprivation, Addiction, Long-term Health Conditions, Disabilities and Family Turmoil. The charity has an amazing website; for more information, please see

The reward will be a club membership book for the 2022/23 season but does not allow the winner to continue night fishing beyond the current season, nor does it give any priority on the night permit waiting list. All monies will go to the Tackling Minds charity.

Bids must be sent to the Night Permit Secretary by post. The closing date will be Sunday, June 12th. The highest bidder will be notified by e-mail (so please include your e-mail address) and the winner’s name will be published on the club’s Facebook page.

Send to –

Mrs Angela Davies

52 Chapman Way


St Neots


PE19 2HD

Please give generously as this is for a good cause. Thanking you all in advance for your support and wishing you all ‘Tight Lines’ for the coming season. Best regards, Angela Davies. A rather unpleasant atmosphere pervaded Swan Lake on occasions over recent years, driven by a small group who worked “as a pack”. These anglers thankfully have chosen not to re-join the Association for the coming season. There is no room for “Top Rods” or any other kind of misplaced