News Update: 8th May 2022

The return of warmer weather has made fish more active and the chance for members to record some good catches from BHAA’s fisheries.

Paul Swift reported catching a couple of big mirror carp from Gingerbread Lake recently. The weights of the fish were almost identical at 29lb 11oz and 29lb 12oz. Clive Day fished at McGregor Lake using surface baits which tempted two nice mirror carp for him weighing 13lb 8oz and 15lb 12oz. Troy Fletcher has been catching carp on most of his visits to McGregor Lake where 12mm boilies fished in a variety of combinations have produced results for him.

The working party sub-group has identified many tasks that still need to carried out both on the lakes and also on some of the river stretches to improve swims. One of the early tasks will be to remove known snags such as fallen branches that, although attractive to fish, risk line breakages or even fish becoming tethered. Some of these snags can only be accessed by boat.

The fisheries sub-group reviewed stocking levels in all our waters and recommended the purchase of fish from accredited suppliers. Double-figured carp have been ordered for both Gingerbread Lake and Swan Lake whilst McGregor Lake will receive a larger number of single-figured fish. A significant number of tench are to be stocked into Grace Lake too.

It is disturbing to report that both a Board official and a member have allegedly had threats made against them by fellow club members for various reasons. Such threats cannot be tolerated and may risk the culprits losing their memberships no matter how justified they feel. Angling should be a peaceful pastime which we are all able to enjoy and members need to be courteous and considerate to their fellow members. Bones of contention should be referred to the Association’s management board who will decide what action should be taken, if any, and against whom. If members take the time to read the club’s rules and abide by them such issues should never arise.