News Update: 18th June 2022

Starting his first day of a 72-hour session on Swan Lake, David Grant had to wait until the early evening before he got his first take, but it was well worth the wait. The run turned out to be from a 32lb 10 oz common carp. Later, he settled down for a well-earned rest only to be roused by a screaming bit alarm. This time, the fish turned out to be a 25lb 11oz mirror carp. It was well into his second day before he saw any more action but when it came it was from another 30lb carp, a 30lb 8oz mirror. Anthony Pogmore decided to seek some shade from the hot sun and opted for a swim under some trees. Early in the morning, some big carp could be observed rolling down the centre of the lake so he decided to cast his boilies out as far as he comfortably could. At about 10am, his two 15mm Crafty Catcher boilies were taken with a screaming run and he connected with a fish that put in a long run taking line consistently off his reel. The fish was subdued after about 10 minutes and turned out to be a muscular 25lb 10oz male mirror carp. A few minutes later, a fellow angler Steve had a take on a single boilie hook bait fished without any free offerings and this turned out to be another big carp, a 29lb 4oz common.

With the re-opening of the river season, Mick Usher made his way to one of BHAA’s river stretches and his early start was rewarded with the capture of a 4lb 7oz chub before the sun rose and the bites died off. Meanwhile Matthew Presland targeted a stretch of the River Ivel near Biggleswade where he went on to catch a pristine 6lb 1oz chub, a new personal best for the angler.

An appeal has been made by the owners of the horses in the fields adjacent to the main track at Sandy not to feed them as one of the horses has a health condition that could be seriously compromised by giving him unsuitable food. The horses do not need any extra food so any angler, however well- intentioned, thinking of feeding the horses is asked not to.

The Association’s Board welcomes positive comments from members and will always try to take them on board. However, there are a few members who do nothing to help the club but constantly post ill-informed and potentially damaging comments on to our Facebook site. Board members work tirelessly trying to improve our fisheries and to keep them well stocked. For example, we have nearly two miles of otter fencing around our lakes that require to be sprayed, at least, twice a year but this work goes unnoticed by most members. Already this season, one of our Board members caught someone starting to poach our waters at Tempsford and using a type of boat as well, not permitted by the Association or by the river authorities. All members are asked to be vigilant when visiting our waters and to report any suspicious activity. The Board is able to use the services of the rural crime squad to apprehend the culprits and to prosecute them.