News Update: 26th June 2022

Earlier in the week, Ionut Cires spent time at Gingerbread Lake floater fishing for carp moving from swim to swim until he found a feeding group. This tactic brought him three good-sized carp, two commons and a mirror. Later he returned doing short sessions either before or after going to work and in the process caught two big carp, the Clone mirror weighing just under 40lbs and a big common that fought hard before being landed. Finally, Ionut ended the week with a beautiful looking mirror carp. Glenn Mills recently won a draw for one of the coveted night fishing permits for Gingerbread Lake and was rewarded with the capture of a magnificent looking 29lb 5oz mirror carp.

 The hot weather got many fish off the bottom at Swan Lake and more interested in sunning themselves. However, bream were feeding during the day with one member catching around half a dozen fish using feeder tactics. A couple of feeders of ground bait was enough to get the fish feeding. A new member fishing at the lake was well impressed with the quality of the fish when he caught two lovely looking tench weighing 6lb 6oz and 4lb 10oz.

The bright conditions made fishing at McGregor Lake difficult for much of the week. Robert Livock decided to fish into the wind during a daytime visit when a solitary run resulted in him catching a 16lb 8oz mirror carp.