Extreme Weather Precautions

As we are about to experience a spell of unprecedented hot and dry weather conditions, it is important that our members stay vigilant when attending our fisheries.

In the coming weeks, it is forecast temperatures will remain very high and, therefore, we recommend anglers refrain from introducing large amounts of bait as otherwise such actions can have a marked effect on dissolved oxygen levels which may already be depleted by the high temperatures and algae activity.

Members are asked to refrain from fishing for fish that may be showing signs of distress. Angling pressure can add to stress levels already present in sensitive environments. If you observe any dead or distressed fish in our waters, please report this to the club official listed in our membership books. Multiple mortalities and signs of distress should also be reported to the Environment Agency’s  incident hotline stated on the back of your rod licences (0800 80 70 60).

Unhooking mats and cradles should be thoroughly doused with fresh water before fish are placed on them. Fish should be returned promptly to the water after allowing them to recover in landing nets before release. Fish must not be kept in sacks or other retainers during such conditions. Similarly, the use of keepnets is discouraged and must not be used in the margins where water temperatures are highest.

Also, members are asked to take personal precautions during extreme heat conditions too. Make use of any available shade or fish from the shade of an umbrella or other canopy. Avoid exposing the skin to the sun’s rays which otherwise may result in burning and even skin cancers. Wearing a broad brimmed hat is a simple precaution that can protect the head. Drink plenty of fluids but avoid all alcohol.