News Update: 31st July 2022

It was an eventful week at Swan Lake with anglers a little uncertain on how the fish would feed after one of the hottest weekends ever. Anthony Pogmore started the ball rolling by catching a nice tench around 5lbs using a double Crafter Catcher boilie fished well out into the lake. Mark Jefferys was unlucky to lose a decent carp at the landing net which he hooked during the night. The following day, the wind dropped and suddenly carp started topping all over the lake and within a few minutes Mark was playing another carp. This time it was successfully landed and turned out to be a 28lb 3oz mirror carp, a perfect birthday present for him. He was re-tying a rig when his second rod’s buzzer sounded but the fish managed to slip the hook after a short time. His good fortune returned as he went to land two more carp, a 26lb 5oz mirror and a spectacular 24lb 3oz ‘zip’ linear. David Grant had settled into his swim for a 72-hour session but saw no action for most of his stay apart from two bream that had picked up his 18mm Mad Baits boilies. He estimated one to weigh around 7lbs and other well over 10lbs. This was particularly frustrating as angler in an adjacent swim had caught carp at regular intervals amassing a haul of five fish all over 20lbs. David was in the process of calling it a day when he had a run on his remaining rod and found that he had saved the best till last as the fish turned out to be a 34lb 10oz mirror.