News Update: 14th August 2022

Despite the continuing heatwave fish have remained active throughout although not necessarily feeding.

 Mad Baits fan David Grant embarked on his fortnightly 3 night stay a little uncertain what to expect and fished well into his second day before seeing any action. Just when it appeared fish had stopped moving as the temperature hit 28c, he had a run after which a hard fight ensued before he could slide his net underneath a cracking looking mirror carp weighing 25lb 9oz. He fished on but had to wait until 4am the following day before he had a second fish, another mirror weighing 20lb 9oz. Later in the week, Clive Day fished at the lake in the evening as the temperature cooled down and had a take from a fish with a bait fished tight to the near margin. It turned out to be a 30lb 2oz mirror carp.

Gingerbread Lake regular Glenn Mills received an early morning wakeup call in form of a 27lb common carp. Tom Lacey caught his first carp from the lake, and it turned out to be a 26lb 3oz mirror. Ionut Cires reported catching two more carp from the lake, one a nice stocky mirror and the other a long common possibly a ghost carp. The best was saved until last as Glenn Miller caught the sought after mirror carp known as Moonscale weighing an impressive 38lbs.

At McGregor Lake, Lloyd Gadsby banked a heavily scaled mirror carp weighing 14lbs to eclipse a 10lb fish he had on a previous visit.