News Update: 30th August 2022

Over the past week, fishing at all BHAA’s lakes has produced some great catches although feeding sessions have been somewhat sporadic.

At Gingerbread Lake, Ionut Cires continued his run of carp catches with three more specimens including a fine-looking mirror and a pristine common. Also, he landed a well-known mirror carp named ‘Matilda’ which generally weighs over 30lbs.

David Grant was back on Swan Lake for his fortnightly 72-hour session and things started well for him when he caught a plump 26lb 8oz mirror carp and then went on to catch another 4 carp during his stay with two more mirrors weighing 25lb 10oz and 20lb 12oz and two immaculate commons weighing 24lbs and 26lb 4oz. Steve Curtin, along with a few more drowned rats, endured a day of heavy rain but soon after it stopped, he was rewarded by catching a 22lb common carp. Boyed by his success, he returned the following day to catch another even bigger specimen, a 25lb mirror carp. Anthony Pogmore caught a hard fighting 16lb mirror carp but found bites hard to come by on his second visit of the week. He decided to call it a day but when he retrieved the line on his second rod he was surprised to find an immaculate 5-6lb tench on the end. It had not registered a bite on his alarms! Fraser Hayden continued his quest for one of the lake’s big bream but nothing fed in his swim overnight. However, at dawn the following day his artificial bait was picked up by a 23lb mirror carp making it a worthwhile visit.

Early in the week, Robert Livock connected with a single run at McGregor Lake which turned out to be from a 22lb mirror carp whilst an angler fishing on the opposite side of the lake landed two more carp. Alan Wilkie returned for another afternoon/evening session and cast out to some gravel patches that he had found in the lake. His groundwork was rewarded by the capture of a 19lb 9oz mirror carp. Clive Day was another angler to enjoy success by catching an 18lb mirror carp fishing from the long island.