News Update: 11th September 2022

Despite the threatening weather for much of the week, there was no shortage of anglers prepared to venture out on to the club’s lakes. It was disappointing though that few fish have been reported caught over this period.

Robert Livock fished his weekly day session at McGregor Lake when a single run on a bait cast out into open water resulted in him catching a cracking 19lb 8oz fully scaled mirror carp.

The murky conditions encouraged Fraser Hayden to return to Swan Lake and try once again for the lake’s double-figure bream. He fished out in the lake over gravel spots he had identified and baited with a small amount of particles and chopped boilies. His first night was quiet but around 5.30am he had a screaming run and found himself playing one of the lake’s big carp on only light tackle. After a while he was able to net the fish which turned out to be a pristine 26lb mirror carp which was  returned after photographing. He fished for another day and night without any further action. His quest for a big bream continues.