News Update: 18th September 2022

Excessive weed growth and low water levels have made fishing conditions far from ideal at Gingerbread Lake this year, but members continue to land several of the large carp present. Paul Tidmarsh caught one of the lake’s oldest residents, a mirror carp known as ‘The Clone’, weighing an impressive 37lb 13oz.

At McGregor Lake, Robert Livock managed to continue his run of catches when he landed a 16lb 8oz mirror carp during a short daytime session. The fish picked up his boilie bait at around midday out of the blue.

It is disappointing to again to draw attention to the disgusting behaviour of an individual at the Sandy Lakes fishery. This person decided to defecate inside the entrance to the fishery leaving toilet paper strewn around for all to see. It has been suggested that it may have been a lorry driver using the lay-by outside the gate, but this is improbable as he would not be able to gain access. If the culprit can be identified he will face expulsion from the club as there can be no justification for such action.