News Update: 27th September 2022

Mark Jefferys was understandably upset to lose a big carp when it crossed his other line on its way to the net during a recent session at Swan Lake. However, Mark fished through a second night and was rewarded by catching two more carp, specimens weighing 29lbs and 30lbs. MAD Baits user David Grant returned to the lake for his fortnightly three-night session but had a quiet start with no action for through the first day. Into the second evening he had a run which produced a 28lb 4oz mirror carp but whilst he was weighing and photographing the fish his bite alarm signalled a run on his second rod and this turned out to be another cracking fish, a 29lb 7oz fully-scaled mirror carp. He went on to bank a third specimen, this time a 28lb 6oz mirror carp to cap another great session.

Craig Jones was one of the few non-board members who turned up at a recent working party at McGregor Lake when some superb swims were created for members to use. Craig was able to fish the night when the working party was not active and was rewarded with the capture of a 25lb mirror carp along with some smaller specimens. Craig reckons he has now caught around 18 different 20lb plus carp from the lake.

A small band of volunteers on the recent working party at Sandy were able to refurbish many swims around McGregor Lake to a very high standard. Some of the swims had become overgrown and almost unrecognisable as swims. It was necessary to close off a couple of existing swims to either avoid lines potentially crossing or where snagged filled areas risked fish becoming tethered. Fishable swims have been numbered. Again, a big ‘thankyou’ to those participants who worked tirelessly over two days to complete the work.

One or two members have been concerned by the deaths of a relatively small number of fish at Gingerbread Lake. The Environment Agency’s fisheries officers have since visited the lake and carried out extensive testing and found the water quality to be of a good standard. The situation will continue to be monitored by the club’s Board but it would appear the losses may be attributable to other causes.