News Update: 16th October 2022

Alan Wilkie visited Swan Lake during the week and it was not long before he saw signs of carp activity around his swim. Fishing with two 12mm mini boilies, it was not long before he had a run. After a hectic fight lasting nearly half an hour, Alan was finally able to net the fish, a perfectly proportioned 22lb 10oz mirror carp. He returned to the lake a couple of days later and chose an adjacent swim to try. His decision was proved correct when he went on to catch another two cracking looking mirrors weighing 24lb 1oz and 21lb 6oz. Also, he was unfortunate to lose another good fish on a snag.

Repair work is being carried out to the bridge on the Tyringham estate, and access to the club’s stretch is closed via this route. Anglers wanting to visit the fishery will have to find an alternative route in from a north-easterly direction. Additionally, we are aware that the Estate has started shooting, and we are hopeful of receiving the full calendar soon. Until we do, anglers may arrive to find a shoot in progress, and the fishery closed.