News Update: 23rd October 2022

Day anglers have been enjoying some great catches fishing at Swan Lake during the week. Anthony Pogmore targeted a little fished swim using two 12mm boilies fished over a couple of handfuls of freebies. Late in the afternoon, he had a screaming run resulting in a long and hard fight from a 23lb 2oz heavily scaled mirror carp which was landed with assistance from a fellow member. Later in the week, Steve connected with another super mirror, a 28lb specimen. Craig Leitch had recently decided to move on to the lake from the adjacent McGregor Lake where he had amassed nearly 20 different carp weighing over 20lbs during the season. Already, he had previously caught carp weighing 22lb 6oz, 24lb 10oz and 23lb 10oz from Swan Lake using his own homemade boilies. His latest trip saw him catching one of the lake’s largest residents, a cracking common carp weighing 36lb 2oz. It was witnessed by Mark Jefferys who was doing a couple of nights’ session. Mark enjoyed some great success too landing two mirror carp weighing 32lb 12oz and 29lb 12oz together with a couple of smaller fish, a mirror and a common each weighing 15lbs.

More carp are to be stocked into Swan and Gingerbread Lakes early in November with more carp on order for McGregor Lake and tench for Grace Lake soon after.

A delivery of wood chippings has been delivered to McGregor Lake to top dress some of the newly refurbished swims to avoid them becoming muddied. One member, Clive Day has kindly offered to help to spread the chippings in some of the new swims. If any other members would like to help and can bring with them a wheelbarrow and a shovel to assist, they would be welcome. More chippings are scheduled for delivery later in the week sufficient to cover all swims needing top dressing.

Members wishing to visit the Tyringham Fishery on the upper Ouse should note that the fishery will be closed for shooting on November 4, 11, 17 and 25, December 9, 19 and 27, January 6, 13, 20 and 27, and February 1. These are all mid-week days so at weekends the fishery will be open.